Tomb of Tutankhamun - The Treasure Room

Diagram of the Treasure Room

Anubis On Shrine

The Jackal god of mummification, mounted on a gilded shrine with carrying poles. This figure of Anubis was found guarding the entrance of the treasury. It is carved from wood with a covering of black resin. The inside of the ears and collar are of gold leaf, inlaid eyes of calcite and obsidian set into gold, and nails of silver.

The Canopic Shrine

It was of gilded wood, protected by a canopy also of gilded wood, with sacred cobras and standing on a sled. It was located at the east wall of the treasury of King Tut and contained his embalmed internal organs. Howard Carter described this shrine as, "the most beautiful monument that I have ever seen--so lovely that it made one gasp with wonder and admiration"

Cartouche Box

This unusual box for the king's jewelry in the shape of a cartouche, has Tutankhamun's name on the lid.

Ceremonial Boats

From the tomb of King Tut. These boats are of simple and graceful form with lotus prow and stern-posts. One of the boats has two steering oars and on its side is painted the Eye of Horus. The other boat has more inward-turning prow and stern-posts, beautifully contoured.

Ceremonial Sailing Boat

This is a ceremonial sailing boat for use in the voyage to the "next world." The sailing boat has 2 oars for navigation, and two small cabins on the bow and stern. The middle cabin is very finely and richly decorated.

Ceremonial Sailing Boat

This is ceremonial sailing boat for use in the voyage to the "next world." The sailing boat has 2 oars for navigation, and two small cabins are very finely and richly decorated.

Decorated Chest

Elaborately decorated wooden chest, the original overlaid with carved and painted ivory. Tutankhamen and his queen are shown among flowers on the sloping lid, with scenes of the royal couple and animals on the sides.

Hathor Head

Goddess of the West, in the form of a cow. This splendid cow head was found in front of the canopic shrine of King Tut. It is partially glided and partially covered with black resin varnish. The eyes are of glass and the horns of wood, covered with thin copper sheeting.

Tutankhamen on Skiff

With arm raised to harpoon the hippopotamus of Seth. This beautifully detailed and gilded statuette on a boat was found in the treasury of the King's Tomb.

Pharaoh on a Leopard

This is one of two similar but not matching statues of King Tutankhamen standing on the back of a black leopard. The king is beautifully detailed in gilded wood.


One of four goddesses guarding the canopic shrine which contained the embalmed internal organs of King Tut. This delicate figure of gilded wood, stands with arms outstretched in protection and head gently inclined.

White and Gold Chest

This white chest is decorated with gilded ankh and uas signs, symbols of life and power.

Wooden Chest

Of simple design, has a vaulted lid and is trimmed in black and white. This was one of many chests and boxes found in King Tut's tomb.

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