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Volume I, Number 5 October 1st, 2000

Egypt Month exhibit editor deTraci Regula

deTraci Regula

Egyptian Art at Eton College: Selections from the Myers Museum Metropolitan Museum of Art Egyptian Art

1st Floor Lila Acheson Wallace Galleries

Gallery for Special Exhibitions

1000 Fifth Avenue at 82nd Street New York City, NY 10028-0198

Phone for General Information: 212 535 7710 Admission: Suggested $10.00 donation.

Web Site:

Hours: Tuesday - Thursday 9:30am-5:30pm Friday-Saturday 9:30am-9pm Sunday 9:30am-5:30pm Closed Mondays; closed January 1st, Thanksgiving (late November), and December 25th. Some galleries are not open until 11am on Sundays; some gallery closures may occur during other times, especially during evening hours.

The Exhibit runs from September 26, 2000 to January 21st, 2001 The New York Metropolitan Museum, already blessed with an abundance of Egyptian treasures, has temporarily enhanced its collection even more with "Selections from the Myers Museum" an exhibit on loan from Eton College where the collector, Major William

Joseph Myers (1858-1899), attended before embarking on his military career. Myers was an avid aficionado of Egyptian art, first catching the collector's bug while stationed in Cairo as a member of the King's Royal Rifle Corps. He approached collecting simply, liking rich colors and pretty forms, making this exhibit an extremely charming one, primarily composed of small, beautiful objects. Fans of all the "little things" at the Petrie Museum in London will find this exhibit equally pleasing, with a rich array of colored glazes and some unexpected delights, including a smooth, perfectly proportioned faience image of Thoth --wearing what appears to be jackal-headed slippers on his feet! The Eton College website features an article by the curator of the Egyptian and Classical art at Eton Collection and Guest Curator for the exhibit at Eton, Dr. Nicholas Reeves, discussing Myers and his remarkable collection. Dr. Reeves is also one of the authors, along with Stephen Spurr, Curator of the Myers Collection, and Stephen Quirke, Curator of the Petrie Museum collection, of the 72-page, richly illustrated "Egyptian Art at Eton College: Selections from the Myers Museum" (Yale University Press, ISBN:0300086903, $16.95 and up at online booksellers).

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