Egypt : Tour Egypt Monthly : June 2001

This Month in Tour Egypt Monthly:

Feature Articles

How the Ancient Egyptians Put Their Feet Up: Furnishings in Ancient Egypt by Ilene Springer

After the jewelry, some of the most exquisite objects remaining from the ancient Egyptian world is the furniture the people crafted and used. Chairs, beds, chests and stools were made not only for function but for beauty, as well.

Mr. Mohamed Arabi: The "Bird Man" of Aswan by Dr. Susan L. Wilson

"Birders," nature lovers, and people looking for a unique photo op, take note. I found an absolute "must do" in Aswan.

A Brief Look at the Sinai by Jimmy Dunn

The Sinai is a land of majestic granite mountains, colorful and more alive then many might suspect. But there are also beautiful beaches and exotic escapes.

Mummies of Ancient Egypt: The Process and Beyond by Catherine C. Harris

The walls are filled with colorful etchings and words of wisdom. Text from the three most important books of ancient Egypt: The Book of the Dead, The Book of the Gates, and The Book of the Underworld, cover the walls as far as the eye can see. The names of the wealthy pharaohs are present on the walls of the tombs in keeping with the belief that to speak the name of the dead is to make them live again.

The Lost Feeling, Or Was It a Mummy? by Arnvid Aakre

Allow me to ask you a question: "What was the first feeling you had first time you came to Egypt?" (- or for those who have not been here yet - "What do you think your first feeling would be?"). Arnvid tells us his version of finding his feelings about Egypt.

Breaking the Color Code by Anita Stratos

If you walked into an Egyptian museum exhibit today, what would you
see? Youd carefully inspect the painting and carvings on various objects such as amulets and pottery. And youd be impressed with the richness of color throughout it all. But even with all you may know about Egyptian history, youd only be getting half the story if you dont know how to "read" the color code.

Alabaster: Egypt's Rock of Ages By Sonny Stengle

You cannot talk about Egypt without mentioning Alabaster, an artistic
handicraft that boasts a millenniums old history and a noble tradition that can be felt in almost every nook and cranny of the country. The secrets of the manufacture of this warm and luminous stone have been handed down from generation to generation, throughout the ages, and still represent one of the pinnacles of Egyptian handicrafts.

Wreck Diving in the Egyptian Red Sea By Ned Middleton

One of the tasks that is very much associated the correct identification of any shipwreck, is being able to unravel all the available information and misinformation and then set aside that which is patently incorrect before proceeding along the right path. These days it seems that too many writers are so keen to get their work into print that accuracy is often ignored.

The Animals of Ancient Egypt By Caroline Seawright

Along the Nile, some of the multitude of bird-life included the falcon, kite, goose, crane, heron, plover, pigeon, ibis, vulture and owl. It is possible that hens were introduced during the New Kingdom from Africa. Caroline Seawright tells us all about ancient Egyptian animals.


Ancient Beauty Secrets

by Judith Illes

This month Judith is in the process of moving, so we present instead a pictorial on Cleopatra who is always interesting, and always seems to be in the news. Next month Judith will return with her always interesting column.

Book Reviews

by Mary Kay Radnich

This month Mary Kay reviews Egyptian Cooking: A Practical Guide by Samia Abdennour. Our favorite cook gives her impressions of one of her favorite books.

Kid's Corner

by Margo Wayman

Margo has been very busy both with the Kid's Corner in the Tour Egypt Monthly and the Color Me Egypt section of Tour Egypt. This month she focuses on the movie, Return of the Mummy, with mummy stories and games.

Cooking with Tour Egypt

by Mary Kay Radnich

Mary Kay cooks up some Almond Bracelets, called Kahk bi Loz. Almond Bracelets are favorites at engagement and wedding parties in the Middle East, as well as during the traditional ritual bath of the bride.

Hotel Reviews

by Jimmy Dunn

This month we review three southern Egypt hotels. Two of them, the Basma and Seti are four star hotels, while the St. Joseph is one of the best budget hotels in Luxor.

The Month in Review

by John Applegate

A new feature department in the Tour Egypt Monthly, the Month in Review wraps up headlines in antiquities and travel about Egypt from around the world.

Egyptian Night Life

by Daniel Lanier

Daniel Lanier reviews the Bull's Eye Pub in Cairo. This was the well-known "El-Gatro Negro", but the name has changed and the club now provides almost daily live entertainment in an English pub setting. Daniel also tells us about Egypt and the Berline Love Parade.

Restaurant Reviews

by Daniel Lanier

The Restaurant Five Bells in Cairo is a short walk from our favorite budget hotel, the Longchamps. It is a relaxing green garden oasis for almost everyone's taste. They offer a variety of food, including Egyptian, Italian and European.

Shopping Around

by Daniel Lanier

Instead of buying a handmade water pipe or a little leather camel from
the bazaar, both probably over-prized, many of my friends who have visited me in Cairo, found themselves instead laden with modern everyday clothes, business dresses or travel wear from one of the countless boutiques here.

Web Reviews

by Siri Bezdicek

Siri explains this month's web picks for Egypt oriented Internet site. Give the web a spin and discover great information on Egypt and Egyptian antiquities.

Egyptian View-Point

by Adel Murad

A debate is going on amongst Egyptian writers and archaeologists about mummies. Should mummies be unearthed, displayed, poked at and unwrapped, or should they be left alone in dignity in their final resting places? While it is hard to gauge Egyptian public opinion on the matter, in the absence of any studies or opinion polls, the view of treating mummies with the utmost respect seems to be the accepted notion.

Egyptian Exhibitions

by Our Staff

This section of the Tour Egypt Monthly has information and dates for Egyptian oriented exhibits throughout the world. It is updated for expired exhibits and new exhibit openings each month.

Egypt: On Screen

by Carolyn Patricia Scott

What, besides commerce, since the days of Herodotus, has driven the reading, writing and viewing of an imagined or embellished ancient Egypt? The answer is simple: A burning desire to taste a fabled era, to walk in the sandals of the great, to vanquish our fears by spurning ancient terrors, to feel the arms of an irresistible lover, to discover a sought-after treasure, to know what cannot be known and to share that knowledge. Carolyn reviews movies and TV on Egypt.

Editor's Commentary

by Jimmy Dunn

Just a little information on my trip to Egypt, and my family's reaction to it. I was pleasantly surprised by their enthusiasm, as well as their desire to return as soon as possible. Nothing gives me more joy then creating Egyptomaniacs, and making them of my family was even more fun.

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