Egypt : Tour Egypt Monthly : July 2001

This Month in Tour Egypt Monthly:

Feature Articles

The Mysteries of Qurna by Sonny Stengle

There are eight thousand fellahin, or peasants, living in Qurna, across the Nile from Luxor, all massed together in five clusters of houses built on and around the tombs eight thousand people living, literally, on the past!

Traveling by Train in Egypt by Dr. Susan Wilson & Mr. Medhat A-Monem

Used to super fast bullet trains that hurtle you through the countryside at breakneck speeds? Slow down, live a little, experience the leisure of Egypt's trains! Escape the commercialism of tourist kiosks! Egyptian trains are safe, relaxing, comfortable, and an economical way to feel the sights, sounds, and smells of Egypt.

The Charm of the Amulet by Anita Stratos

Do you believe in amuletic magic? No? Chances are that you do, without even realizing it. That special T-shirt you wear playing basketball to guarantee a win for your team; the lucky silver dollar you never leave home without these are modern examples of the power of the amulet, which can be any object that you believe carries an aura of magic, or luck, with it.

Egyptian Rock-Art Unveiled by Arnvid Aakre

Most of the expertise agrees that the Egyptian Rock-Age started around 1967 AD - and ended nearly 25 years ago. That was until a late evening of Friday, the 22nd of June 2001 - in a club called Dharma, Merryland in Cairo.

Great Hair Days in Ancient Egypt by Ilene Springer

There was probably no better time for hair than in ancient Egypt. You could dye it, cut it, braid it, shave it, weave charms into itand then there were the wigsof countless designs.

Touring With the Young, and Not-So-Young by Jimmy Dunn

More and more, whole families are vacationing in Egypt, and that means bringing along children of all ages. So, I wanted to know a little more about how this works out, for both parents and kids. And the answer is...pretty well! Everyone came home happy, from a memorable and enjoyable trip. But we, as a family, made a few discoveries along the way.

A Tour in Egypt's Mohammed Ali's Mosque by Muhammad Hegab

"Do you see this great mosque? It's called Mohammed Ali's Mosque. He was one of the greatest governors of Egypt in the modern age. When he came to power in the 19th century, he saw that it was necessary to build a big mosque in The Citadel to be a place for prayer and other tasks".

Ancient Egyptian Agriculture By Catherine C. Harris

While agriculture is important throughout the world, for the people of Egypt it has always been a matter of working closely with the seasons and understanding their change. Throughout history, Egypt has celebrated the relationship between the land they farm and the Nile.

Why I Keep Going Back, and This is No 'Fish Story'!! By Duncan McLean

Sport Fishing is not usually the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of travel to Egypt. However, Duncan McLean, an avid angler from the UK, gives us his account of his various, highly successful sport fishing trips to Lake Nasser in Upper Egypt.

Off the Beaten Path in the Sinai By Jimmy Dunn

While thriving a short time ago, Nuweiba, Taba and Dahab are now all but deserted. The reason for this is simple. These areas were major destinations for many Israelis vacationing in Egypt who are no longer coming due to the conflicts in that country. Yet they are far away from any such problems, and today they are quite, peaceful areas, unencumbered with large numbers of tourists, with prices that can't be beat.


Ancient Beauty Secrets

by Judith Illes

The ornamented eye is ubiquitous in ancient Egyptian art. Hardly a portrait exists without an impeccably dark, outlined eye. Disembodied decorated eyes (the Eye of Horus) serve as amulets. Judith explains ancient eyes.

Book Reviews

by Mary Kay Radnich

This month Mary Kay reviews Fodor books about Egypt, including Fodor's Egypt, which is a new edition for 2001, and Fodor's Exploring Egypt, Third Edition. Fodor is one of the leading names in travel and their guides have a wealth of information on the country.

Kid's Corner

by Margo Wayman

Margo has been very busy both with the Kid's Corner in the Tour Egypt Monthly and the Color Me Egypt section of Tour Egypt. This month she focuses on pharaohs and Gods of Egypt, with mummy stories and games.

Cooking with Tour Egypt

by Mary Kay Radnich

Egyptian cuisine is not limited to fava beans, chickpeas and eiysh. With extensive borders along the Red Sea and the Mediterranean, seafood is an integral part of local cooking. Mary Kay introduces us this month to two very easy but tasty seafood recipes.

Hotel Reviews

by Jimmy Dunn

This month we review grass huts and budget accommodations in Nuweiba, we put on the Ritz at the Ritz-Carlton in Sharm el-Sheikh, and explore the Isis Hotel in Aswan.

The Month in Review

by John Applegate

A new feature department in the Tour Egypt Monthly, the Month in Review wraps up headlines in antiquities and travel about Egypt from around the world.

Egyptian Night Life

by Daniel Lanier

If you don't want to sip your beer together with the tourist couple from the room or the cabin next to yours, those with whom you have already attended the potato dance competition last night, then you should head to places like the King's Head Pub.

Restaurant Reviews

by Dr. Maged El Bialy

Our Entertainment and Cultural Reporter reviews two restaurants, including the Coffee Roastery in Cairo and the very famous Naguib Mahfouz Cafe in the Khan el-Khalili.

Shopping Around

by Daniel Lanier

Behind Bab Zuweyla, is the Bazaar of the Tentmakers. It is the traditional place for producing and selling tent fabrics, fine and colorful appliqu work as well as printed materials. Here, the little lane is roofed at a distance of 150 meters and conveys an atmosphere of an old medieval market.

Web Reviews

by Siri Bezdicek

Siri explains this month's web picks for Egypt oriented Internet site. Give the web a spin and discover great information on Egypt and Egyptian antiquities.

Egyptian View-Point

by Adel Murad

Cairo's Air is 50% Cleaner Than a Year Ago. There is a Cairo Air Improvement Project (CAIP) that managed to reduce air pollution in Greater Cairo by 50% over the past year. The Ministry of the Environment runs the project with funds from the USAID program. At this rate, Cairo's air should be cleaner and healthier over the next few years.

Egyptian Exhibitions

by Our Staff

This section of the Tour Egypt Monthly has information and dates for Egyptian oriented exhibits throughout the world. It is updated for expired exhibits and new exhibit openings each month.

Egypt: On Screen

by Carolyn Patricia Scott

This month Carolyn takes a look at future movies, and past stars. Egypt is morning the loss of Cinema screen star Suad Hosny, but life goes on in the movie industry with the sequel to the Return of the Mummy already in production. Carolyn also provides us with information on upcoming TV shows about Egypt, as well as new releases on video.

Editor's Commentary

by Jimmy Dunn

Many people touring Egypt for the first time over pack and then spend a considerable amount of energy carting luggage from one end of Egypt to the other. Travel light, and the going is easy.

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