Aswan Hotel: Isis Hotel

Volume II, Number 7 July 1st, 2001

The Isis Hotel, Aswan

by Jimmy Dunn

We often get travelers inquiring about midrange accommodations in Egypt, and the Isis Hotel in Aswan is a perfect example of midrange accommodations. This is a mature, four star hotel located on the Nile river in downtown Aswan. However, one point about budget hotels in this area needs to be pointed out. There seem to be few three star hotels of any value, though we will review one that is next month. In other words, there is a gap between backpacker hotels (very cheap hotels) and four stars. The Isis is one of the better priced four stars.

While in Aswan, we visited a number of different hotels that we will be reporting on. Some were new, and like a new house on a new track of land anywhere, they lack lush gardens and trees. Not so with the Isis. Exploring their grounds, which twist about on a number of different levels is fun all by itself, even though it is not a huge hotel. This is where you really see the maturity of the grounds, which are well kept and peaceful. When entering the hotel, one finds themselves on a wood walkway almost like going to a boat. The lobby is below.

This hotel does not have the amenities of a five star hotel, but what it does have, a great location, many of the five star hotels cannot provide. It is dead center in downtown Aswan, not for from the bazaar, internet cafes, and most anything else one would wish to find in downtown Aswan. Not only that, but it is right on the river, with a nice observation platform by the pool that allows for a relaxed view straight on to the Nile. Unfettered by trees and bushes, the sunsets here are frankly better then the famed terrace at the old Cataract Hotel, and a lot less pretentious, as it seems to cater to a younger crowd.

While the accommodations are not as good as the best of the five stars, then again they are better then some. While in Egypt this last trip, frankly I stayed in some well known hotels that would not live up to the rooms at the Isis. Rooms are clean and of a fair size, with private baths that look to have been recently renovated. Each room has air conditioning, and a new direct dial phone system. As with most three star and better hotels in Egypt these days, the rooms also have satellite cable color television. Most of the rooms also have minifriges.

From the standpoint of onsite facilities, this hotel really does rival some of the five star hotels. The swimming pool area is fantastic, with a bar and multiple lounge areas which are unique. There is a disco, a tent coffee shop, a lobby bar, as well as several restaurants. One of these is an Italian restaurant which is very nice and cosy. There are also a few stores about the hotel.

One of the features of the hotel I found very inviting are the little private niches scattered about the gardens for sitting. These peaceful areas really jump out at you as your round a bind in the walkways.

Isis Hotel Corniche El Nil St. Aswan, Egypt

Phone: (097) 315100
Fax: (097) 315500

Rates This Summer:

Single: $61.00
Double $80.00
Triple $99.00
Suite $160.00

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