Egyptian Night Life Review - Windows on the World

Volume I, Number6 December 1st, 2000

Windows on the World

By Juergen Stryjak

Windows on the World

The bars name is quite an understatement. Behind its slightly tinted panoramic windows one cannot see the world only, it is a view on nothing less than the Umm al-Donya, the Mother of the World, as Cairo has been known since the time of A Thousand And One Nights.

I have been there several times during the last years, with people from around the planet, and all have said that they will never forget the sunset they have witnessed from Windows On The World. Many of them dream to see it once again in their lifetime.

nile river

The bar and restaurant Windows On The World offers, in my opinion, but not only in my opinion, the most fascinating view of the city one can have in Cairo, and it doesnt matter which time of day you are there. The best is, of course, to switch through the several phases of the sunset, while sitting directly beside the window and sipping a cocktail or a cappuccino. You look down to the Nile, the metropolis twinkles silently a huge organism with flowing traffic veins, neon lights, illuminated buildings and cruising ships. To have a window table, watching the city transform as the sun sets, while you enjoy your gourmet meal, is one of the most memorable evenings in Cairo that you can experience. A miracle.


It seems that the Window On The World is the perfect nightlife location. The music is enough to give you the sensation of floating over the city. A mix of easy listening jazz is offered, whether it comes from a tape, as it does early evening and during breaks of the life performances, or from live performances. Daily from 6 to 10 pm Saadat, a female vibraphone player, performs. Thursday, Friday and Saturday the Jazz Band plays, beginning at 10 pm alternating with the POP & ZIZ Band at Wednesdays and the Touch of Class Band every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

The Windows On The World offers excellent cuisine, for lunch and dinner. This is not surprising for a Five-star hotel, as well as the bill youll get finally. The prices are rather high; a dish costs at least LE 50 ($ 13), excluding taxes and service charge. The service is attentive. The interior is elegant, modern, and urban. Alcohol is expensive; you can save some money if you stay with mineral water, soft drinks, coffee or cappuccino. Nevertheless, it doesnt matter how much you have saved at the end, there is a minimum charge of around 40 LE for each person. Just keep in mind, the view alone is worth every piastre.

restaurant view

Thankfully, mobile phones apparently dont work here, so one will be spared the ringing phone that is omnipresent in Cairo. Last visit, my wife and I wanted to call home to ask our older son, if everything was okay with our younger son. But I had to leave the Ramses Hilton Hotel completely and to walk 50 meters away from the building to get a connection to my CLICK GSM mobile phone network provider.

Windows On The World. Bar, restaurant, lounge at the 36th level of the Ramses Hilton Hotel. Open daily from noon till 2:00 am lunch till 4:00 pm, dinner from 6:00 pm. Reservation recommended.

1115, Corniche El Nil, Downtown, Cairo. Telephone: 57 77 444 or 57 44 400. Fax: 57 57 152 or 57 82 221.


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