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Ancient Beauty Secrets

by Judith Illes

Ancient Facial Secrets

Hair in Ancient Egypt

Perfume in Ancient Egypt

Facial Makeup

Nefertem, God of Perfume

Tattos in Ancient Egypt

The Use of Henna in Ancient Egypt

Fertility Shrines of Ancient Egypt

Tutankhamun's Perfume

Flowers in Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt youth Formulas

Cleopatra Pictorial

Eye Makeup

Costume Jewelry

Book Reviews

By Various

Historic Cairo, A Walk through the Islamic City

Memories of a Lost Egypt: with Food Recipes.


Travel Books: Rough Guide Phrasebook, Knopf Guide Egypt, Lonely Planet Egypt

Common Birds of Egypt & Egyptian Art

Valley of the Golden Mummies & The Western Desert of Egypt

The Ancient Egypt Pack

The Treasure and Pleasures of Egypt & Travel Planning on the Internet

The Pharaoh Computer Game

Secrets of the Mummies, Travel Photography & Video Visits to Egypt

Acnient Egypt: Life, Myth and Art, Egyptian Arabic Phrasebook & Your First 100 Words in Arabic

Egyptian Cooking: A Practical Guide

Fodor's Egypt and Fodor's Exploring Egypt

Letters from Egypt (by Florence Nightingale) and The Search for Omm Sety

Kid's Corner

By Margo Wayman

Focusing on Egyptian Animals

Focusing on Egypt Rulers

Focusing once again on Egyptian Animals

Focusing on the Red Sea

Focusing on Plants & Trees in Egypt

Focusing on Birds of Egypt

Focusing on the Nile

Focusing on the Desert

Focusing on Food

Focusing on the Pyramids

Focusing on Cairo and Colors

Focusing on Mummies

Focusing on Pharaohs and Gods of Egypt

Focusing on Summer in Egypt

See Also the Color Me Egypt Section on Tour Egypt

Cooking with Tour Egypt

By Mary Kay Radnich

Semit bread rings, Koshari, the Egyptian chili, homemade dressing and Mango Milkshakes

Kofta with Apricot Sauce, one of the recipes from Memories of a Lost Egypt

Chickpeas... with tahina sauce

Kamut Krisp Cereal & Fasolia Khadra Lil Salata (Fresh Green Bean Salad)

Arnabit musa"aa Moussaka Cauliflower, BASBOUSA Semolina Cake, Khoshaf ar asali --- Pumpkin Pudding

Hattis Shorba Ads

Phyllo, Bariwat and Baklawa

The Fava Bean

Chickpeas, Hummas and Fuul

Tabouli Chicken Casserole

Om Ali - Egyptian "Bread and Butter" Pudding

Almond Bracelets (Kahk bi Loz)

Baked Fish, Spicy Shrimp and Monkey Bread

Melokiyah Madness: Egyptian Greens-and-Chicken Stew

See Also the Recipes Section on Tour Egypt

Hotel Reviews

By Juergen Stryjak & Jimmy Dunn

The Conrad Cairo Hilton

Four Seasons Hotel, Sharm el-Sheikh

Flats in Luxor

Egypt's Only Boutique Hotel

Hotel Longchamps Revisited Again (2005)

Hotel Longchamps Update (2006)

Movenpick Sharm el-Sheikh Resort and Casino

Movenpick Resort Cairo-Pyramids

Egypt's Bedouin Valley

Sheikh Aly's Hotel in Luxor, Egypt

PlanHotel of Stella di mare

Swiss Inn of Stella di Mare

Al Moudira - Luxor

Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh Hotel

Oasis Panorama Hotel, Bawiti, Bahariya Oasis

Arabella Iberotel in Hurghada

Le Meridien Luxor Sneak Preview, a Pictorial

Longchamps Hotel, a three star Jewel of Zamalek.

Home to the Longchamps - A follow-up

Four Seasons Hotel, Cairo

Pension Roma in Cairo

Sheraton Soma Bay (Red Sea Cost)

Cosmopolitan Hotel, Cairo

Sheraton Royal Gardens, Cairo

Hussein Hotel, Cairo

Sonesta St. George, Luxor

Sofitel Maadi, Cairo

Holiday Inn, Safaga

Movenpick Jolie Ville, Luxor

Sheraton Miramar Resort, El Gouna

Steigenberger Golf Resort, El Gouna

Catherine Plaza Hotel, St. Catherine, Siani

The Golden 5 Complex, Hughada

The Cataract Pyramids Resort, Cairo (Giza)

The Nile Hilton

Luxor's Nefertiti Hotel

Hotel Longchamps, Revisited, Cairo

Semiramis Inter Continental, Cairo

Gardenia Resort, Sharm el-Sheikh

Jasmine Hotel, Hurghada

Sonesta, Cairo

Amar Sina Resort, Sharm el-Sheikh

El Gezirah Sheraton Towers, Cairo

Victoria Hotel, Cairo

Basma Hotel, Aswan

St. Joseph Hotel, Luxor

Abu Simbel Seti Hotel, Abu Simbel

Ritz-Carlton, Sharm el-Sheikh

Habiba Village, Nuweiba

Isis Hotel, Aswan

Sara Hotel, Aswan

Gaddis Hotel, Luxor

See Also Our Complete List of Hotel Reviews

Egyptian Exhibitions

By deTraci Regula

Review of Egyptian Exhibitions Around the World

Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum and Planetarium in San Jose, California

San Diego Museum of Man

Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology

Egyptian Art at Eton College: Selections from the Myers Museum Metropolitan Museum of Art Egyptian Art

Cleopatra Exhibit in Rome

Glenbow Museum, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

National Archaeological Museum of Athens

Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory University

Roundup of Egyptian Events Throughout the World

May, 2001 Egyptian Exhibits Throughout the World

June, 2001 Egyptian Exhibits Throughout the World

July, 2001 Egyptian Exhibits Throughout the World

Glass in the Islamic World Exhibit at the Corning Museum of Glass

The Month in Review

By John Applegate

May, 2001 Month in Review

June, 2001 Month in Review

July, 2001 Month in Review

August, 2001 Month in Review

Egyptian Night Life

By Juergen Stryjak & Jimmy Dunn

Windsor Bar, which takes us back to colonial Egypt when it was the English Officer's Club

Nightlife in Hurghada on the Red Sea Coast of Egypt

The Cairo Opera House

El Gato Negro, in Cairo

Cairo Jazz Club

Windows on the World (Ramses Hilton Night Club)

Coffeehouse Tales

Floating Restaurants

Jackie's Joint Disco

Marriott Garden Cafe

Bus Stop, Sharm El-Sheikh

Bull's Eye Pub, Cairo

King's Head Pub, Luxor

Hard Rock Cafe, Cairo

Restaurant Reviews

By Juergen Stryjak, Mariam Salama & Jimmy Dunn

Cilantro, "Appetite for Life"

Al Omda (The Mayor) Restaurant in Cairo, Egypt

Jimmy's in Cairo

Peking Restaurant

Al Tekkia and the Maroush (with mixed feelings) in Cairo, and the not so great Felfela in Hurghada

Fuul and T'aamiyya at Al Tabei, in Cairo

Cafe Riche & La Casetta, both in Cairo

La Bodega in Cairo

L'Aubergine & Okomato, in Cairo

Rossini, in Cairo

Not Your Ordinary Fried Chicken Eatery


Abou El Sid

Andrea, Cairo (Giza)

Rangoli Restaurant, Sharm el-Sheikh

Restaurant Five Bells, Cairo

The Coffee Roastery and Naguib Mahfouz Cafe

Johnny Carino's in Cairo

Shopping Around

By Juergen Stryjak

The Applique on Kheiymiya Street

Find great shopping at the Khan Misr Touloun

First Mall in Cairo, Egypt

Lehnert & Sandrock (Books and Photographs)

Egyptian Music

Wekalat Al-Balah Fabric Market

The Khan el-Khalili, Egypt's Most Famous Market

Arkadia Shopping Mall

Al Khatoun


Jewelry in Egypt

Aladin Incens and Handicrafts

Clothing Stores in Cairo

Bazaar of the Tentmakers

Sounds of Cairo Music Shop

Egyptian View-Point

By Adel Murad

Find out what Egyptians they think of tourists, of Egypt and of their culture

A Memorial for Mother Duck

Driving in Cairo: An Adventure Not to be Missed

Egyptian Sense of Humor: A Statement of Sharing and Sharp Wit

The Last Supper, an Egyptian Short Story

Egyptian Architecture

Children in Egypt


Mini Dinner Cruises and the Egyptian Museum

Mummies and Tourists, a Debate

Air Pollution in Cairo

Library of Alexandria

Medical Advice

By Dr. Sameh Arab, M.D. & Omar Ragab

Medical Emergencies in Egypt

Disability Resources in Egypt

Editor's Commentary

By Jimmy Dunn

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Safety in Egypt

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Nazmy Farag, An Unsung Hero of Egyptian Tourism

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By Siri Bezdicek

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