Egypt: Red Sea - Dive Sites

Dive Sites

Most of the diving in the Red Sea area is done with a shore-based, day boat dive operation or a liveaboard dive boat. The currents in these areas vary from no current to very strong, so it is strongly advised to dive or snorkel with guides or with experienced divers who have dove in the area before and are familiar with the conditions. In the following pages, you will find descriptions as to the expertise required for the various dive sites. The following definitions of the diving skill levels should help you evaluate the required skill for each dive site.

  • snorkeler - a person who is a good swimmer and is skilled in ocean snorkeling.

  • novice diver - a person who is in good physical condition and recently completed a basic certification diving course, or someone who has been certified before but has not been diving in a while or has no experience in similar conditions.

  • advanced diver - a person who has logged many dives under similar or rougher conditions and is in good physical condition.

  • dive master or instructor - a person who has advanced training as a dive master or an instructor who has logged over 100 dives in similar conditions and is in excellent physical condition.

North Sinai

Sharm El Sheikh to Hurghada

The Bells


Blue Hole

Shag Rock

The Canyon

The Small Crack


The Alternatives/Stingray Station

Abu Hilal/Small Canyon

Dunraven Wreck

Eel Garden

Bluff Point

The Islands

Umm Usk

The Caves

Giannis D

Gabr El Bint


End of the Road Reef

Chrisoula K

Over the Hill (Ras Atantur Bay

Siyul Kebira


Siyul Seghira

Umm Qamar

South Sinai

Shaab Umm Qamar

Jackson Reef

Carless (Careless) Reef

Coral Garden (Hushasha)

Giftun Seghir

Woodhouse Reef

Erg Abu Ramada

Flasher Reef

Shaab Abu Ramada/The Aquarium

Thomas Reef

Gordon Reef

South Egypt

Ras Nasrani

Green Hole



White Knights

Kilo 37 North

Shark Bay

Safaga 1/Kilo 32 North

Sinafar Island

Beit Goha

Far Garden

Sirena Beach Home Reef

Abu Tinun

El Kaf

Near Garden

Kilo 15 South


Mangrove Bay

Pinky's Wall

Sheikh Maalek

Turtle Bay


Offshore and Deep South

Ras Umm Sid

The Brothers - Big Brother


The Brothers - Little Brother

Ras Ghozlani

Elphinstone Reef

Ras Za'atir (Ras Atar)

Daedelus Reef

Jackfish Ally

Shaab Sharm

Shark Observatory

Sataya/Dolphin Reef

Anemone City


Shark Reef/Lolanda Reef

Rocky Island - North Coast

Rocky Island - East Coast

Off the Sudan Coast

Rocky Island - South Coast

The Blue Belt

The Umbria

Off the Jordanian Coast

The Cedar Pride


The Hong Kong

The Perra Alma

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